Happy Thursday!!! The weekend is just around the corner , yaay! So , Im jetting off on holidays in about 2/3 ish weeks. I can’t wait! I’ll be featuring a few holiday/ summer posts so keep an eye out. I’ll also blog about the holiday when im back .. I cant wait for the pictures haha! Anyway I decided to do a whats in my carry on bag/handbag. I personally love these because I love seeing what others bring and let’s be honest were all a bit noisy haha. Lets jump in. So I always have a pair on flip-flop/sandals… View Post

 Happy Tuesday lovelies!! As summer is here we tend to look after or skin a little bit more than usual which is good but we tend to forget about our hair at times , the sun can really dry it out so here is how I keep mine hydrated during summer… Enjoy x So when my hair has been freshly wash I try to get as much water out with a towel as possible. Once that’s done here are some products I use when my hair is still wet and to lock in moisture So I love this because it… View Post

Happy Thursday Lovelies!! .. And HAPPY SUMMER!! June is here! ..That came so fast! The weather has been surprisingly lovely here and it’s feeling very summery so I thought I’d share some products that I’m loving for summer and will be using/wearing this summer time.. lets jump in! So summer and tan go hand in hand , I like to self tan because it’s better for your skin and I don’t sit out long enough to actually tan! So the bellamianta has blown up these past few weeks and everyone and there mam wants a bottle! I got mine a… View Post

Happy Wednesday Babies! Half way through the week …yay! So i wasnt to sure on what to call this post exactly , but basically iv got some new stuff these past weeks and thought I’d share incase you want to get your hands on some to! Its full of beauty , hair , phone gadgets , lifestyle …lets just jump in ,yeah? ok… So I was in need of new foundations and decided to purchase the Bourjois healthy mix foundation and the EXI invisiwear liquid foundation. First of all I’m a sucker for packaging so the exi foundation was a… View Post

Ok , so the weather might not be that great at the moment …but summer is still on its way! In like less than a month or two.. how crazy was that? To be honest winter is my favourite season , I’m not a huge fan of summer because hay fever sucks! But I enjoy going on holiday because , let’s be honest who doesn’t enjoy a nice holiday? And for some reason I don’t suffer with hay fever when I’m there …yaay! Haha , , so I’m jetting off on holiday in July and thought I’d share some essentials I… View Post