Happy Wednesday Babies! Half way through the week …yay! So i wasnt to sure on what to call this post exactly , but basically iv got some new stuff these past weeks and thought I’d share incase you want to get your hands on some to! Its full of beauty , hair , phone gadgets , lifestyle …lets just jump in ,yeah? ok… So I was in need of new foundations and decided to purchase the Bourjois healthy mix foundation and the EXI invisiwear liquid foundation. First of all I’m a sucker for packaging so the exi foundation was a… View Post

Ok , so the weather might not be that great at the moment …but summer is still on its way! In like less than a month or two.. how crazy was that? To be honest winter is my favourite season , I’m not a huge fan of summer because hay fever sucks! But I enjoy going on holiday because , let’s be honest who doesn’t enjoy a nice holiday? And for some reason I don’t suffer with hay fever when I’m there …yaay! Haha , , so I’m jetting off on holiday in July and thought I’d share some essentials I… View Post

So May is here!! What? It felt like April just started …the months are flying by like crazy! So it’s that time for a monthly favourites ..iv a few newbies that iv been loving so lets jump in! So first stop is this Loreal face cleansing oil. Now when I first got it I was a bit unsure about using it because i have oily skin and I do not want it even more oily but this stuff is amazing. I pump some onto my hands ad just rub it on my face and it just melts my makeup right… View Post

Hi lovelies! How are all of you! … Sooo from the title and probably the layout you now know glitterfulthoughts has moved!!! Yaaaay!! So I was debating going self hosted for a while now but was so scared because of the scary stories! But I’m so glad i did. If your thinking of doing the same just do it! It’s so worthed I promise you. I love the new look …but knowing me I’ll switch it up a few times haha. Pipdig made my whole moving so easy and stress free. Nothing was lost (that’s what I was most afraid… View Post

  ‘In a society that profits from your self doubt, liking yourself is a rebellious act’ It’s important to take time for you , spend time on yourself , loving you and learning how to make yourself happy. Make 2016 the year of you , what you want and what you like because the only person that will get you where you where you want to be is yourself. Self love is important. It’s a Journey. It’s not a selfish act. Trust yourself , you know yourself on a soul level ,and thats deeper than anyone else in this world,… View Post