Happy Thursday babes , I hope your all doing well. .. So Christmas is creeping up on us an I’m very excited about it! As I moved room a few months ago ,this year I was able to put up a bigger tree which was even more exciting. Were not going to talk about how much money I spent on christmas baubles … we’ll… View Post

Happy thursday babes … lets jump right in. Ok, sooo.. Maybe the title is a little bit to harsh I’m not sure lol. Nearly two years ago I created this little space of mine and never thought it would grow like it has or even look how it does now. It was something I created from boredom and never thought it would become a thing.… View Post

  Happy Saturday babes!! …So the time has come for my awaited room tour!! Iv been saying for months now its coming and its finally here. … On the downside the lighting didnt like me when shotting but i did my best. Im not 100% happy yet , theres still a few things to touch up but i feel like i just need to get… View Post

Hey babes , happy Thursday…The weekend is just around the corner , can i get a yaaas! So over the past few weeks iv bought ALOT of things i shouldnt have but what the heck .. I decided to do big haul full of godness , I probably have missed afew things and i no iv forgotten a few home decor bits but im sure… View Post

  Happy Friday babes!! Finally the weekend has come upon us .. So I thought I’d do a little update or ‘coffee talks’ , If your new around here , Heyy & thanks for stopping by , i do a little life update or just a general chat about stuff in a series called coffee talks … so now that were all up to date… View Post